Hiring developers is expensive. The US Labor Department reports that the median wage for software developers in 2014 was $95,510. The competition for highly skilled developers is especially intense, with the top 10% of developers earning over $150,000 annually.
If you need to hire talented software developers, Tenomad has a more cost-effective solution. Our Dedicated Teams of developers allow you to scale up or down, with any skillsets that your projects require. As your project needs change, so can your team members. For example, you might start with a team to build out a native IOS application, but after the app is completed you can switch out for a team of native Android developers to service that platform as well.

All of our Dedicated Teams start with at least two developers. We have developers with a multitude of skills on staff, so we can provide just the right developers for your specific project. Once assigned to your project, they work only for you, which is typically 160 hours per month.

The developers report to a Business Analyst (BA). The BA is your point of contact for your team. The BA will arrange a regular meeting cadence with you and your management team to receive your guidance and report back on the team’s progress. The BA is the communication bridge between your company and the developers. Our typical BA manages 2 or 3 small teams of developers.

Finally, every Dedicated Team has a Quality Assurance Leader. The QA Leader oversees the testing process for your project. Even the very best developers must regularly test their code in an organized and efficient manner. The QA Leader makes sure that all code is tested for functionality as well as it’s load-bearing ability. They create both automated tests as well as tests that are performed manually.