iOS Developer Skills Matrix

This skills Matrix is an attempt to define relative requirements for an iOS developer candidate.
It strives to be:

  • precise enough to give an idea which areas to improve
  • vague enough to avoid canonising particular knowledge


Three levels don’t mean that all organisation should have only three levels. Although, having only three levels allows the bigger gap between indicators. Splitting to five and more levels is often practical from the organisational point of view (ability to promote people once a year), but might cause paralysis of choice when it comes to the assessment of a candidate.


These areas come from everyday practice, most developers touch multiple indicators of this matrix every day. Some skill might remain a blind spot for a long time since most of us don’t have a chance to work with everything at work. This is why it is critical to study things you don’t do at work and interview with companies at least once a year, this will keep you fit!